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The importance of laying container floors

Editor:嘉兴中集木业有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-08-03 

The container floor is wear-resistant. When heavy goods are dragged on the container floor, the layer will not be opened or cracked. Customer feedback, the floor has not been damaged after three years, because it has a strong effect when the cargo and the floor collide with each other. Any loosening and degumming will occur.

Because the original container floor has a pattern, the friction force will be relatively large when loading and unloading goods, so the smart box owner will lay a flat wooden floor inside the container, which can reduce friction, facilitate loading and unloading, and save time and effort.

There are many container carriages on the market that have relatively thin boxes. When transporting goods with irregular surfaces, the sudden braking and emergency stop of the vehicle will hit the carriage, causing a part of the container to bulge. Easy to rust. If the wooden floor is laid, this will not happen, and it will protect the cargo box.

The importance of laying wooden floors on container trucks is also to prevent bumps. For example, for users who transport furniture and building materials, container trucks will produce bumps during driving, and the friction between goods and metal containers will easily bump into the surface of furniture. If the container compartment is replaced with a wooden floor, the collision damage will be much smaller.

In addition, the shipping time of containers at sea is relatively long, and the wood boards have a certain degree of water absorption, which can prevent the goods from being damp to a certain extent.

The final importance is that the cost of laying wooden floors in containers is lower, and the quality of wooden floors is lighter under the condition of ensuring strength. This is also a big advantage for container transportation with strict weight limits.