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Matters needing attention when choosing container floor

Editor:嘉兴中集木业有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-08-19 

Looking at the “face value” of the floor is secondary, but the important thing is to pay attention to the bearing capacity of the floor. When choosing a container floor, partners should ask the seller what the load-bearing capacity of the floor is. In terms of affordable prices, most customers will choose a floor that can pass 5 tons. However, many manufacturers are arrogant, and most of their boards can only pass 4 tons. Some manufacturers like to use old or rotten wood in the middle, and use inferior glue, or use the plate press of the building template to press the container floor. The purpose is to reduce Cost, fool customers who do not understand the floor. Obviously, the board produced in this way is unqualified, which will cause various problems such as insufficient load-bearing capacity, easy breakage, and glue opening.

General manufacturers have such a pressure tester to test the bearing capacity of the floor.

Glue, load-bearing capacity and material are the more important things to pay attention to when choosing high-quality container floors.