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Advantages of plywood for container floor

Editor:嘉兴中集木业有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-08-19 

Container plywood is divided into two categories, one is wood flooring and the other is bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is also called bamboo-wood mixed flooring. During the sales process, I found that a lot of people asked more questions: what is the size of the board? When you read this article, you must remember that the floor size is 2400X1160X28mm. This size is set by the container industry and is also in line with the global size. There are other unconventional sizes, such as 2440X1220X28mm, 1388x1160x28, 1010x1160x28, 1626x636x28. These sizes can only be used by the manufacturers of the box factory, otherwise many people will take 2400x1160x28mm and cut them by themselves.

The next step is to talk about why some are wooden floors and some are bamboo floors.

The reasons for using wood flooring are that wood flooring is lighter than bamboo flooring and cheaper than bamboo flooring. For cost considerations, most people on the market currently use wood flooring. Especially in the logistics industry, if you use wooden floors, you can achieve light weight, greatly reducing the weight of the entire body, thereby saving gasoline consumed during long-term transportation. The disadvantage is that the quality of wood flooring is slightly worse than that of bamboo flooring. Let's put it this way, the load-bearing capacity of wooden floors is about 5 tons, and the load-bearing capacity of bamboo floors is more than 6 tons. What I mean by load-bearing does not mean that all floors can meet this requirement. Floors on the market are uneven. Many manufacturers do not have large presses and cannot produce good boards. This is why some floors are very cheap, some Slightly more expensive. Where is the price difference between their boards? One is that the ratio of glue used is different, and the other is the problem of raw materials. As the saying goes, this is the reason why cheap goods are not good. You can choose a cheap floor, but there is no regret in the world. When your board breaks, there will be a series of problems, and the consequences will be unimaginable. So why do some people like to use bamboo flooring? The bearing capacity of the bamboo floor is very good, and the toughness is sufficient. So when you have your own logistics truck or container, you want your own things to be more durable, right? Therefore, many owners like to use bamboo flooring, which is durable and does not cause headaches.